कंप्युटर पॉइंट टेक्निकल कॉलेज की फ्रैन्चाइज़ी कैसे ले ?

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May 8, 2014
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August 15, 2018

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How to Start Franchisee of CPTC?.

What is franchising?
Franchising is the legal license provided by a company (franchiser) to an individual or group of individuals (franchisees) to carry out its business which can be mutually beneficial to both. It is a business in which the owners, or franchisers, sell the rights to their business logo and model to third parties, or franchisees.

Franchises are an extremely common way of doing business. The franchisee is said to have a greater incentive than a franchiser because he/she has a direct stake in the business.

There is a reason why franchising has been around for decades. That’s because it is a great way for individuals to own and operate their own businesses.

Did you know that franchised business has an 85% success rate in comparison with individual business? In fact, India is known as one of the biggest franchising markets in the world!

Why are we franchising?
Penetration and expansion into several pockets of the country so as to cater to the Training needs of Students throughout India.

We run a very transparent, lucrative, and high-quality franchise program for hard-working and enterprising people who can put in a couple of hours every day and work from their office.

We offer selected individuals the chance to build and develop their own business in the Computer Training field. Our franchisees do not require Training or Education-based business experience to be part of this program. Through our training and support, we show you how to combine your expertise and efforts with our infrastructure, training, and business sharing opportunities to build a profitable Training franchise.

What are the advantages of becoming our Franchisee?

1. Consumers are always more comfortable dealing with a familiar name or company they trust

2. We provide extensive training and real-time chat support to the franchisee.
3. Since we already have a business model in place you can focus on running a successful business.
4. We use State-of-the-art internet and intranet technology.
5. International Certification & Valid Certificate
6. We generate quality leads through extensive marketing and promotional methods.
7. We provide full training and support along with business planning assistance.
8. High ROI (return on investment).
9. Centralized invoicing and payment collections processed through our system at our head office enable you to focus on generating more business.*

10 A low investment with minimum risk.

  • . Around 650 to 1250 sq. ft. of commercial or semi-commercial space. No problems if you do not have one of your own. You can even work from the lease.
  • A low franchise fee. This will be a one-time non-refundable charge. There are no extra or hidden charges..
  • A telephone and an internet connection.
  • Minimum 8-10 Computers.
  • Two Computer Graduate Faculties Full Time.


Besides this we expect you, as our franchisee, to appoint someone to source local businesses which would balance the business composition. Local clients would add up to the revenue for you as well as for CPTC apart from our clients that you would be getting from our sources.

Will I receive any kind of support and guidance from you?

  1. You will receive an initial one-day training which will provide you with an insight on the general business model and set up and day-to-day business practices. The training will be conducted by an online chat system by one of our expert Educational consultants.

If you wish to take part in a one-day training and orientation program at our U.P /Delhi office you will be most welcome. However, not more than 2 persons can attend this session and the cost for traveling, boarding and lodging will have to be borne by you.

2. You will be provided one login with a user name and password to a proposed portal from where you will be able to access a Fess structure and share ratio of Business.

3.* You will also be provided with a personalized login to our Professional Back Office system along with yourname@cptc.co.in. This will allow you to collaborate and discuss issues regarding your business in real-time with us. That’s the type of support we prefer offering all our franchisees.

Will I be entitled to any reimbursable expenses related to the business?

No, all business-related expenses will have to be borne by the franchisees.

 I do not have Higher qualifications Can I Start?

Yes. Because all you have to do is to manage your staff only, Your teacher and We will do most of it for you.


I belong from Rural or Remote Areas Can I Get some extra?


Yes. We have different Fee structure and plan for Center established in Rural or Remote Area.


Is a certificate issued by CPTC will be Valid for Govt. Job?


 As per Govt. Policy Only Society, Trust, Companies established by As per Indian Govt.

the law can issue Educational & Training Certificates, CPTC is a candidacy member of the International Accreditation Organization, USA, Regd. By Directorate of Industries, and an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organization.


I run an existing Computer Training Center Business. Can I still take up your franchise?

Yes. A franchise can be granted to you as per the normal qualification process. However, on receiving the same, you will need to continue and comply only with our norms and franchise format.

Do I need to undertake promotional activities to promote my business?

Local advertising is optional. Advertising on a local level will have to be funded by you based on the format in content and design as deemed appropriate by CPTC.

Can I directly contact the Head Office?

Yes. However, Student coordination is managed better by our support team. We have a single point of contact and follow-up process with all our students.

Will anyone else be given a franchise within my territory?

Yes. You will be given territorial rights in your locality within a 40 km* radius and will be solely responsible to cater to the staffing needs of your Students within your zone.

Do I need to meet any monthly target?

No. but of course, it goes without saying that the more positions you close the more money you earn.

Till how long can I remain as your franchisee?

An agreement will initially be drawn for a period of one year and can be renewed every year.

I am interested. How do I become a Computer Point Technical College franchisee?

  1. Download the Franchise Agreementand Application Form.
  2. Print the Franchise Agreement on an Rs. 100/- Stamp Paper.

    3. Sign and fill out both documents.

    4. Prepare a Cheque or DD payable at  “Babhnan” in favor of “KALAWATI WELFARE SOCIETY” This will be a Time Non-Refundable Fee.

    5. Make a Xerox of an ID Proof such as a driving license or PAN card.

    6. Make a Xerox of an Address Proof such as your ration card or electricity bill.

    7. Take out 4 Passport size photographs.

Courier all of the above to the address mentioned below:


Computer Point Technical College.

Babhnan, Basti,
Uttar Prdaesh
India –272161

Office Landline: 05546-256355

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